Sunday, July 30, 2017

Automatic Gate Opener Types

This solar powered electric gate opener is the perfect choice for the swinging doors.


The MIGHTY MULE MM562 comes in two color options- black or gray. The product has a medium built when compared to the other models. The built and the functions of this particular machine are more suited for the swinging gates in the farmhouses. The gate opener can be used with both the single and double swinging gates.


  • MIGHTY MULE MM562 is the best in series of Sentry 300 gate openers. This is the first in the high-quality range of “DIY- Do It Yourself” gate openers. This gate opener has two charging options. Either the charging can be done through the already included AC transformer or US Automatic’s recommended solar panel kit with 12 V DC batteries.
  • It can be attached to farm gates of 20 ft lengths, ornamental iron gates of 12 ft length and the chain link gates of 14 ft in length. The 12 volt DC battery is not included and has to be purchased separately. The installation manual and the DVD provided along with the kit helps in easy installation. The solar powered panel gives about 50 cycles of opening and closing of the swing gates in a day and would differ depending on the region. The optional solar panel kit, purchased along with the Sentry 300 series of the electric gate openers, helps in remote installation. The linear actuator in the system provides a thrust of 400 pounds along with a compression of 1000 pounds.
  • The Plug-N-Go wiring harness in the system eliminates the need for wires to connect the control box and the gate controls. Universal mounting brackets provide easy installation of the push to open and pull to open features onto the existing gates. The energy efficient model of Sentry 300 series of electric gate openers has made it the first solar powered electric gate opener to be used for the swinging gates. 2 remote transmitters are already included into the design of the most recommended electric gate opener.


MIGHTY MULE MM562 comes with a 3-year warranty directly from the manufacturer. The warranty covers the replacement of the defective parts and also the repairs. Most of the installations do not require any form of additional solar panels. As it is being charged with solar panels, the battery, and the system enjoy a long lasting lifetime, even after several cycles of opening and closing the gates.
  • 30% tax credit if solar charged
  • Solar friendly features allow customization of automated gates if needed
  • The design eliminates the use of wires
  • 20% faster in closing action than other models
  • Solar charging makes it energy efficient
  • No complicated wiring and easy to install
  • Installation time of less than 1 hour and can be done by yourself
  • Opening and closing do not depend on gate’s weight
  • Often requires maintenance and replacement of solar panels when one gets damaged.
An awesome electric gate opener which is mostly installed on a double swinging gate system, the US Automatic Sentry 300 D Commercial Grade is added along with the US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade gate opener.

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